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Welcome to our School!
On behalf of all members of the faculty and staff,.

New Vision Schools would like to welcome you to membership the NVS family for our start year 2012 – 2013.  If you are a parent, we are grateful for your willingness to share your son(s) and / or daughter(s) with us. If you are a student, we want you to know that we are pleased that you are joining us as an active participant in the life of this community.,.   

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Introducing Our New Program
Embay Academy
Emby Academy is opening.
Emby club announces the opening of a football academy on the courts of New Vision School for all age levels select and qualify the best players to play in the club
Academy features : -
-Test the best players to play the club
-Join Egypt club tournament .
-Sport trips to the club to watch the games and training
-Action games with the club to watch the players
-Shooting games to market players
-Medical detect a regular on the players to monitor the health of the players
-Receiving training clothes and games
-Dates of training three days a week
-Age starts from 3 years to 16 years

Aelchort : -
Registration form and (1) photograph

Special offer , Price for limited time :
Subscription for only 150 pounds
Now Open : Training of women's football , Age start : 4 years and up to 16 years
Opening on Monday, 9 - 6-2014
Our Diploma Programs

Arts Diploma.
Training students in the arts and skills of drawing and oil painting, which raises the level of students' imaginative and creative.

Greman Speeking Diploma.
Free summer courses for parents, for training on the principles and origins speak German, which helps parents to help their children to collecting of the curriculum for phase of study.

Graphic and Animation Design Diploma.
Train students on the designs of the materials or the production filmed and directed films, which develop the skills of imagination and raise the artistic sense and the skill to use the tools in the computer for self-expression.

Horsemanship Diploma.
Skills training to deal with the horse , riding skills , run and control by the best international trainers.

Special Students

Young Inventor .
Is a meaningful activity, involving all students, it`s grown thinking skills , imagination and innovation, and the aim is to produce a generation that is able to install things that are unfit for use for the production of games or useful tools and in a funy ways.

Track talent.
A specializing professors is discovery the talent and follow all the students skills , they discovery of talent and support and development, and that in all fields of study and who goes back to student life in the future and back to the whole country..

Supporting talented students and activate internal and external competitions, and students are trained to raise the level of talent of hair shed , drawing , graphic design or research literature ..and many more.

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